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The case of the artist who saved (my) day

This morning, I rolled  out of bed, combed my hair and went to school looking like a beaver fresh from playing in the mud. Seriously, not a good start to what I could tell was going to be an awful, dreadful day. After making the hike from my car to the Owens Art Center on campus, I walked into my advising appointment.

And it all changed.

I was greeted by a wonderful professor who was going to be my new academic advisor and who started talking to me about ME. She really gave me a feeling like she listened and cared– I’ll stop before I get too gushy. Eventually the subject rolled around to an artist whose work has been displayed around the world in ghettos, slums and really desolate areas. I hadn’t heard of him (and neither had she really) until the New York Times ran a story on him today. He is the TED winner for 2010 and is someone who really does move the soul, like most great artists.